I started using this site on 10/22/11 after getting a link from a friend to sign up under her. I had no idea what an amazing site this was but I quickly learned!

From the time I signed up til Christmas last year I made over $300 in Amazon gift cards on this site and paid for all of my families presents! Since January I'm already over $300 and now I'm redeeming Paypal gift cards as well! For those of you that don't know like I didn't use to, you can transfer Paypal money directly to your bank account! That's real money honey!

Ok enough bragging....Now let me show you how you can do it too!!!

First: Sign up for a Swagbucks account,

Click here and sign up now: SWAG SIGN UP

You get points just for signing up and there are so many other easy and fast ways to earn more!

There are 5 or 6 things you can do everyday:

  Search Engine:  Use the Swagbucks search engine everyday when you are normally searching
                             the web. You can win up to 59 Swagbucks per search win, with 3 or 4 wins per
                             day being typical.

   Daily Poll: A one question poll - Gets you 1 Swagbuck

    Toolbar: Gets you 1 Swagbuck, Just by having the toolbar, everyday you log in.
                     Download Toolbar here
    Swagcodes:  Swagcodes are given usually Monday-Friday by the Swag Team. These can be
                           found by checking the Facebook page, Twitter page and Swagbucks blogs. All
                           you have to do when you find one is enter it in the "Gimme box"  on the
                           Swagbucks homepage.

    NOSO:  Get you 2 Swagbucks -  Stands for No Obligation Special Offers,   You click
                    through a few pages of offers,  skipping the ones you don't want (which I always
                    just hit skip til I get to the Captcha (captcha=a   phrase or few letters needed to be
                    entered to ensure you are paying attention)

    SBTV: There are short videos you can watch in all different catagories on Swagbucks TV.
                 Click after your percentage meter goes up (you don't have to wait for the videos to be
                 over) and for every 10 you "watch" you get 3 Swagbucks, this is a total of 150
                 Swagbucks you can make every day just from watching this videos.

Mobile SBTV: This is my new favorite! Just like with regular SBTV you get points for
                  watching but there is a limit of 50 Swagbucks per day on this. You can just access the
                  mobile version and once you start playing the videos they go to the next one by
                   themselves! Easy 50 every day! I do mine from my Kindle Fire that I bought using
                 my Amazon gift cards, earned through Swagbucks!

These are just a few ways to earn to help you get started. If you have any questions at all I am always around and there is a wonderful resource for Swaggers, put together by another Swagger with all kinds of helpful tips and tricks! Go here for more: Swagging 101

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