The Zoo (as we call it) is a great place to quickly go through and grab some points. I started using this site off and on in January and I've redeemed $70 in Amazon gift cards so far this year! Needless to say I've started to visit the zoo more frequently lately.

Come join me at the Zoo!  Join the Zoo!

Here are some great ways to earn at the Zoo!

Search Engine: You can use their search engine to win points up to 10 times per day!  I've even
                           had wins as high as 81 and 96 per win! Just search like you would normally for
                           your chance.
Special offers page: Do this everyday for an easy 5 zoo points, just for visiting the page!

Watch Videos: There are videos worth 6 to 12 Zoo points  almost everyday. A quick click will
                            grab you these points and most videos are repeatable!

Surveys:  Some are quick, some are long, but all of them will get you points. They will tell you at
                 the beginning of the survey how much they are for and how long they should take.
                 Some are really fun and even give you free products to try out and review!

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