Monday, April 15, 2013

My new favorite earning site!

I have to tell you about my newest favorite earning site. It's called InstaGC.

 It's alot like some of the others I've posted about with one small but amazing difference. Like the name implies it's an Instant Gift Card site!

That means you can cash out for as little as $1 and you get your gift card codes instantly, and I mean seriously instantly. Click redeem and boom instant code! That's awesome! So far I've been with this site for 4 months and earned over $150! With this site it only takes a few minutes a day to earn and it adds up quickly.

 Plus as an added bonus when you use their Shared Shopping feature you can get can get points/cash back for your online shopping you'd be doing anyways. For example, I used my Swagbucked Amazon gift cards to buy laundry soap, fabric softener, garbage bags, and bulk toilet paper, I spent about $95 (free to me, using my Swagbucks Amazon codes I've earned), buying it through InstaGC then Amazon I got 2% back so I got back almost $2.00 for stuff I was buying anyways and that I actually got free already. Pretty good deal!

 There are a lot of easy dailys (videos, paid to clicks, etc) to do on the site in 5 minutes a day or less. I'll post more later on those. But to get started and see what it's like here is my personal referral code.

Let me know what you think or if you have any questions below!


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  1. Isn't this site great? I've joined in February and made a total of 13,169.20 lifetime points.