Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Welcome to Pickin' Up Pennies! My very first blog!    

Pennies don't seem like much on their own but when you
"pick up" enough of them, they start to add up!

In this tough economy, we could all use a little help to make ends meet and I've found a few ways to make some real money.

It's raining pennies out there and I'll help you catch some!

There are so many earning sites to choose from but the ones on this page are my favorites with the easiest ways to earn and the best rewards to redeem! For example how about gift cards like: Amazon, Paypal, Itunes, Home Depot, Target, CVS, Walmart and much much more!

 I will try to update each section when I see a  good/fast earning opportunity on Swagbucks, Irazoo, Zoombucks, MyView, or Superpoints. All of these sites give you Pennies at a time to do small tasks, watch videos, give opinions and use their search engines (you know you Google something every day, why not get paid for it!!)

I will also have links to great coupons, deals, articles, contests, free samples, and anything else that seems useful.To start I have a few pointers and links to sign up for each site. I will be adding more all the time. So look around, sign up, and grab your umbrella!

Enjoy and Start Pickin Up those Pennies!!!

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